What is Magic Consulting?

In short, magic consulting provides the expertise you need to bring your next idea to life and make the impossible possible.

What projects could use Magic Consulting?

Magic can be incorporated anywhere. Feature films, TV shows, theatrical performances, corporate events, product launches, conventions, and conferences are typical mediums that might need a magician’s touch, but the possibilities are endless. For example, the TV show where the lead character performs sleight of hand? A magic consultant likely taught and coached them through the process. Or the movie that had an amazing special effect that seemed impossible, yet was done without CGI? The techniques a magician might use on stage were likely put on camera.

What Can Derrin Do?

Derrin can bring his years of experience as a magician and his time both in front of and behind the camera to your project. His magic (as well as his own appearance) can be seen on TruTV’s “The Carbonaro Effect“, for which he helped provide hundreds of effects, for well over 100+ episodes over 5 seasons. His work on the show spanned from pre- to post-production, including: creating original content, developing presentational premises, prop building, performance, and beyond.

In addition to his TV series work, Derrin has also consulted for companies, bringing magic to product launches and commercials.

For a list of credits, visit his page on IMDB.

What’s Next?

No two projects are alike. For information on how to add magic to your next project Contact Derrin.