New York Magician Derrin Berger

Up Close

Ever see a crowd of people across the room that seem to be having a blast and you can’t see why? They could be watching Derrin, performing up-close and personal. The magic happens in your hands, inches away from your eyes. From homes to hotels Derrin has amazed them all! Hosting a hospitality suite at your corporate event? Or maybe you’re looking for something unique to add to your cocktail hour? Contact Derrin to see how strolling magic can liven up your party and how mingling magic can bring your guests together.

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“What a tremendously gifted performer!”

Mary Ellen C. Kane, Children’s Miracle Network

“Ages 4-84 were all thoroughly entertained.”

Betsy E., White Plains, NY
New York magician Derrin Berger

On Stage

The sound of 100 jaws hitting the floor at the same time? It can happen. Derrin has multiple full shows layered with humor that provide proven entertainment to all age groups. Weaving magic, mind-reading, and comedy all into one, Derrin’s stage act plays big with minimal technical requirements. An opportunity to see The Magic of Derrin Berger live on stage is not one to be missed.


In today’s world magic can be seen “virtually” anywhere! (Pun-intended). Derrin can provide a customized, online, magical experience you’ll never forget. Whether you’re in your kitchen or your office you’ll feel like it’s an evening out on the town as Derrin brings his unique blend of comedy and magic direct to the comfort of your…anywhere! It’s live, fully interactive, and perfect for your online event, whether it’s a corporate Zoom meeting or a happy hour with friends.

Have a few questions? Check out our virtual show page or virtual show FAQ for more info and contact Derrin today to learn more about turning your screen time into stage time!

“You put on a great show…”

Jim. D, Woodstock, NY

“Now that’s one funny…😆 “

John S., Las Vegas, NV
New York magician Derrin Berger performs at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA

Everything in Between

Derrin’s versatile performance style scales easily to any size venue or event.  He would be delighted to discuss the possibilities with you.  His background in both magic and improv have even led him to perform in situations out of the ordinary, such as posing as a potential job candidate, only to surprise the employees as the interview somehow became a magic show! While Derrin takes pride in not being your typical magician, he would still like to be your magician. Contact Derrin today to find out how to make your event magically unique.

New York magician Derrin Berger


Looking to make your corporate event or industry conference more magical? Have a top-secret project that could use a little mystery? Call Derrin. With years of experience as one of the creative forces behind The Carbonaro Effect, Derrin can give a fresh approach to help turn your imagination into reality. Check out his list of credits on IMDB or see some of his expertise being used in commercials. Or visit the magic consulting page for more info on what it is and how Derrin can help.

“How do you think of these things and make them work?”

Kathy McDonald, Cuneen-Hackett Arts Center