Virtual Magic!

Live from… the Magic Room!

Welcome to a very special place. In this room is a lifetime of secrets, and very few people get to see it. But now, our virtually connected world gives Derrin the chance to show you some of his favorite pieces of magic. Also, because everything in this room is magical, at any point, something can become part of these live, interactive, virtual shows!

With the same unique twists that you would see on stage or through his work on TruTV’s “The Carbonaro Effect“, Derrin’s virtual shows also include his creative approach to magic. Perfect for a small group of friends or to help spice up a company meeting or corporate event, the virtual show gives everyone a chance to participate from the comfort of wherever they are!

How does a virtual magic show work?

It’s very simple! We all hop on our favorite online meeting platform (i.e. Zoom) through a computer, phone, etc. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. But don’t forget, even though this is online, it’s still all happening live, and is fully interactive. So, you never know, you might just end up being part of the show, even from your couch! Need more info? Check out our virtual show FAQ.

Why go virtual?

Virtual Shows are Easy!

Don’t worry about finding a place to park or getting a good seat! The best seat in the house is only a click away!

Virtual Shows are Convenient!

Want to watch from your couch? Cool. Grab a computer, tablet, or phone and that’s pretty much all you need. You and your friends can enjoy the show without having to find a place to meet in the lobby first. And there won’t be any long lines for the bathroom!

Virtual Shows are Fun!

All seats are front row, so you’ll be as close to the show as possible, and because it’s happening live, it’s also fully interactive. Magic and laughter are literally brought directly to you. It’s like a night out, but from the comfort of your home, or office, or… anywhere.

Check out this video to see a sneak peek, then Contact Derrin!