The Online Lobby

Virtual Shows can have an Online Lobby!

Doing interactive shows online is already a unique experience, but over the past few months I’ve noticed a trend. So, I’m offering a free tip. No charge. Totally gratis.

Consider using your own Zoom account for shows or other online events you might be hosting. Do you have to? No. But here’s why you might want to:

Online shows can have an online lobby.

I’ve done a number of shows using both my own and someone else’s account. Many times… well… almost every time, there’s some small talk among the guests before the show starts and after it ends. And why not? Most of the time the show is for co-workers or families and friends that know each other. Some might want to tie up some loose business ends before calling it a day, and others want to catch up because it’s been a little while since they’ve talked to each other. It’s virtually an online lobby. (See what I did there?)

When you’re meeting up with friends at a movie or live show the first thing you do is meet in the lobby, have a quick chat, then find your seat. After the show, before you part ways, you head back to the lobby and talk about what you just saw (potentially spoiling the movie for anyone seeing the next showing). SPOILER ALERT – The butler did it. SPOILER ALERT 2 – It wasn’t the butler, just a guy wearing a butler outfit. SPOILER ALERT 3 – A guy wearing a butler outfit could actually just be a butler, and he actually did it.

Back to Zoom. When you host using your own account you have the freedom to do whatever you like before and after the show. Friendly chit-chat won’t get cut off, and you won’t have to jump to another meeting to continue the party. So, if you’re hosting an online magic show, think about scheduling some time for quick catch-ups, long goodbyes, and let the Zoom be an online lobby.

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