Tricks Are(n’t just) for kids!

There’s seems to be a lot of preconceived notions about who a magician is and what a magician does. I once performed at a function where it was clear that one of the organizers had it in their mind that a magician had to fit a specific (yet, still pretty generic) mold. At this event I was at a table, and guests would stop by, spending a few minutes to chat and see some magic. There were several other tables in the room, each with different activities and people to talk to, so each of us had a small sign with our name and what we did. Mine read “Derrin Berger – Magician”. As I was getting settled one of the organizers stopped by, and this was the conversation:

ORGANIZER: So you’re magician?
ME: Yup!
ORGANIZER: So what’s in the bag? A bunch of magic wands?
ME: Actually no, I don’t use wands.
ORGANIZER: Oh, are you going to do anything with rabbits?
ME: No, no rabbits.
ORGANIZER: A bunch of tricks with colorful scarves and a top hat?
ME: No, sorry. That’s just not me.
ORGANIZER: So what ARE you going to do?
ME: Well, today I was asked to mingle with the guests and do some card tricks, coin tricks, close-up magic that everyone can participate in.

I explained that there are all types of magic and it’s possible that some of us don’t fit the stereotype. This felt like an odd conversation to have, since two minutes earlier we were talking about the Las Vegas duo Penn & Teller, who certainly don’t fit the stereotypical mold of a magician. 

The truth is that while there are magicians that have the classic look of a top-hat & tails and use magic wands to make a bunny appear, that’s not all of us. It also seems that many people automagically assume that magic is something only for kids to enjoy.   But…

Adults deserve magic too!

There are actual a lot of events for adults that call for the unique, sophisticated, and dazzling effects of magic. Here’s just a few:

  1. Cocktail Hours 
  2. Corporate events
  3. House Parties

Picture it. You’re at your company’s holiday party, a wedding, or maybe a corporate product launch or retreat, waiting for the main event. You’ve had your fill of Swedish meatballs or you’ve sat through hours of bar graphs and financial forecasts. Then, a magician approaches. For the next few minutes you’re taken to a world of impossibilities. The idle chit-chat with strangers becomes collective gasps and the few minutes of astonishment become a very welcome interruption. What you’re watching isn’t the typical, kid-sy, magic show, it’s a selection of miracles catered specifically for you and your cultured taste.

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