Virtual Show Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to cover some of the questions you might have when considering a virtual show. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, contact Derrin for more info.

What is a virtual show?

Today people are finding more and more ways to stay connected without going out. The virtual show is a way to bring the excitement of live entertainment direct to your home, office, or… wherever! With the use of computers, mobile devices, etc. you can have guests from all over the globe be part of a “virtual” audience that sees a live magic show, streamed straight to wherever they are!

What device(s)/software do I need?

There’s a great chance that whatever it is you’re using right now will work just fine. All you need is a computer or mobile device and an internet connection. Currently, Zoom is the most common software to use, and it’s available for Mac, PC, IOS, & Android devices. Other services and platforms will also work, it all depends on what you need and are comfortable using.

How many people can join?

As we know, virtual events can have enormous audiences. They can also have just a few, so there’s really no hard minimum or maximum. However, it’s important to have a good sense of how many guests you’re expecting when inquiring about a virtual show. While Zoom will probably be the best for most scenarios, some platforms may be more appropriate for really large audiences.

Is it really live and interactive?

ABSOLUTELY! Everything that you see during the show is happening live! In fact, several people from the virtual audience will be invited to participate in the show!

Are there any tips for having a great virtual show?

Sure! While they’re not requirements,  there are a few things we’ve learned that help get the best experience out of the virtual show. Here’s a few:

Updated Software – The streaming services often release software updates that provide new features and quality enhancements that help give the best viewing experience. Using the most recent version helps ensure the best show possible.

A strong internet connection  – When possible, try to use a hard-wired ethernet connection. If that’s not available, try to get a strong wifi or cell signal. This helps prevent “dropouts” and improves the overall video and audio quality.

Cameras and Microphones – While not required, it certainly helps if we can all see each other! As an interactive show, it’s best when we can see as many participants as possible.

Want more info?

We’re here to help. Contact Derrin for more information and check out a sneak peek of the virtual show.